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Best Porn Stars - Female

Google Search Volume Determines "Best" Porn Star.

With a name like Kinkpage, you know that we've watched our share of porn online.  These ladies are some of the best porn stars in the world when it comes to producing the hottest porn videos on the internet.  Whether you're into amateur guy scenes, classy threesomes, or just plain rough sex, the girls on this list do it all and do it well.

While some of these popular and often searched porn stars have their own porn websites by now, many still work with the likes of Brazzers, Mofos, and Reality Kings to bring their masterpieces to the masses.

Here are the top 10 female porn stars as searched on google.

Best Gay Porn Star

 Google Search Volume Determines "Best" Gay Porn Star

This porn review website isn't all about the ladies.  We are committed to finding the best gay porn star picks just as we are to finding females.

While a good portion of our porn reviews are for the straight crowd, we take pride in reviewing gay porn right alongside it.  Our tastes may be different in people, but that doesn't mean we can't co-exist on a porn review site.

The gay male porn stars below are some of the most sought after names in gay  porn.  Billy Santoro, Colby Keller, Paddy O'Brien, and Johnny Rapid are all part of along with the rest of this roster.  If you find these men to be up your ally, you should perhaps grab a 2-day trial for $2.00. 2-Day Trial?

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